Posted on: Thursday, 3 July 2014

Meet My Goldendoodle Luna

If you have been following my blog and social media for a while you would know that last year we brought a crazy cute goldendoodle puppy home called luna. Since then we have created a lot of memories together and i have loved watching her grow and go through lots of different hair cuts hehe i decided to film the furry friend tag with her on my youtube channel Check it out down below!


Posted on: Wednesday, 25 June 2014

June Favourites

Why hello there stranger long time no speak! Sorry its been a while but i decided to take a break to concentrate on my Exams. Its summer now and im a free bird so expect a lot more content coming your way. I Recentally uploaded my (early) june favourites on youtube channel where i talk about my Fashion,beauty,TV,music,book etc favourites so make sure you check that shit out.
lots of love

Posted on: Monday, 12 May 2014

Family Memories

For today's Post I though i would share some of my favorite images of many i have captured in recent years. This selection of photos where taken 2 years ago shortly after receiving my first dlsr and current camera (canon 500D) when my cousins (above:sat in the center) from Dublin came to stay. We had decide to go on a little country adventure. Looking back on pictures like these makes me smile (as well as question my Fashion choices) but mainly just appreciate how blessed i am to have an amazing family. Because its important to remember there's more to life then just the material things we are being constantly sold into today's society.
Make sure you all remember that and appreciate those around you as well as you would your iphone or brand new pair of shoes!


Posted on: Friday, 9 May 2014

Pale Spring Nails

Recently i Decided to change it up with my nail art and try something pale for spring. I wanted to join in with the ice cream nail trend i see pop up every year. I always go for vibrant colours or darker tones and for some strange reason stay clear of nude/pinky tones in fear of them looking to wishy washy. Boy was I wrong. This lovely new Barry M nail varnish in the dusty rose/nearly white shade Rose Hip has changed my mind. I Love The contrast the shade gives against my darker skin tone and how clean and classy it looks. I absolutely adore the gelly hishine range/finish, I only needed two coats when i was expecting to need five! I would Definitely picks this little gem up and check out the other two new "ice cream" shades Huckleberry and Sugar Apple in the Barry M hishine collection.


Posted on: Thursday, 8 May 2014

Recent Fashion Purchases

Here is a little snapshot of what I've purchased recently. As you can see I've picked up some lighter summer pieces which will be great for my upcoming summer holiday (internally screams) to California!!

Top/Dress - Zara
Black Tassle kimono - Select
Black Lace Shorts - H&M
Sun Hat - Primark
jewelry - Primark
Vogue magazines 


Posted on: Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Where have i been?

So many of you have probably noticed (i hope haha) at the beginning of November 2013 i suddenly stop posting here on my blog and YouTube channel. If you watch my videos you may have already listened to me briefly explain why but i thought i'd just make it clear it all my lovely readers. Sadly i live with Bipolar disorder which has been a pain in the arse the past few years, due to problems with medication things got bad quickly and i was admitted into a adolescent psychiatric hospital for the 2nd time in 2013. I'm only now becoming more confident with admitting this and hope to share my experiences in the future in order to help others out there. So long story short i was inpatient until just before Christmas (discharge was literally a Christmas miracle) and flew to Ireland the following day to spend christmas with my family. A lot of People Asumed i would start again in january but it has taken me a LONG time to start getting my life back together and I've still got a way to go. 

Above are Some images of what i manged to get up to including..

Hospital visit from family/walking luna in the grounds
Being allowed day leave to go see two Door Cinema Club at the O2
Flying to ireland
Spending Christmas with my cousins for the first time
Reading a lot of new books
Drinking of course (pitcher for one)
Trying to relax at the Aqua sana spa
More dog waling in the woods
Visiting the Saatchi gallery
Watching my puppy luna grow 
Visiting my friend in London and the going to the David Bailey exhibition
Eating healthier
Drinking more of course
Seeing Beyonce live
Starting to go to the gym again
Celebrating friends birthdays
Truing to get my social life back
Balencing Therapy, Lessons and hospital appointments etc
Playing Pokemon hehe
Drinking cider in the sun
Staying at my grans in Birmingham
Watching a Ballet with my little sister
Walking luna by the lakes

For more regualr life updates follow me on my instagram and twiter.

Love you all

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